How does Earlyname work?

Each month Earlyname will send you a list of fresh undiscovered platforms; including apps, websites or games.

As these platforms are new, you are likely to be able to claim rare, short usernames.

We tell you if the username you want is available on these platforms, so you can sign up and claim it.

Does Earlyname reserve usernames for me?

If you purchase the Early Adopter Monthly subscription, Earlyname will reserve usernames for you. Otherwise, Earlyname currently only determines if your username is available.

What is a rare/valuable username?

Rare usernames are usually short, and only available to original ("OG") users of a platform. For example the username @ben is a rare username, however @benny2987 is not.

How much does Earlyname cost?

Earlyname is free. If you'd like us to reserve usernames for you, there is a monthly subscription cost of $16.99 per month.

How often are Earlyname emails sent?

You will receive last month's Earlyname email when signing up. Then, you'll receive an Earlyname email on the 1st of every month.

How many platforms are included in each email?

At least 5 platforms are included in every email. Some months this number might be higher.

When do I receive Earlyname emails?

You'll receive Earlyname emails on the 1st of every month.

Why should I subscribe to Earlyname?

By subscribing to Earlyname you'll be notified about exciting fresh platforms that you can sign up to and claim your original username.

Not only is discovering new platforms really fun, but original usernames show off that you're an early adopter. Early usernames also may be worth significant value in the future if the platform gets popular. Early users of Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram have seen their original usernames sell for thousands of dollars.

How do you find platforms that appear on Earlyname?

Each month our experts scan the web for new products. We use websites such as ProductHunt, BetaList and various niche blogs to deliver you the freshest places for you to claim original usernames.

What if somebody else on Earlyname is watching the username I want?

If this happens we will notify you via email.