New Social Networks in July 2021

Here is July's new handpicked emerging social networks.

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πŸ’» Make.rs

This is a place where makers show the world what they've made. It's a different kind of profile page where it's not about the companies you worked for but what you've done.


πŸŽ₯ Castyr

Castyr is a new social podcasting and listening platform. Snip and annotate up to 5 minutes of audio, share it in the community feed, and organize it into customizable collections on your followable profile. It’s like TikTok and Goodreads had a podcast baby.

Snapgo Tap

πŸ™‹ Snapgo Tap

SnapgoTap is a Linktree inspired solution geared for small business. The platform allows users to generate URLs to share multiple business links; incl. digital business cards (vcards) which can be placed on NFC tags using our mobile app to share with clients.


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