New Social Networks in June 2021

Here is June's new handpicked emerging social networks.

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πŸ“Έ Poparazzi

Poparazzi is a new photo sharing network where your friends are your paparazzi and you are theirs. Your profile on Poparazzi is created by your friends when they take photos of you. On the flip side, you create your friends' profiles when you take photos of them.


πŸ“š Bookshlf

Bookshlf is a platform that helps users organize, share and discover content based on the curation of subject-matter experts or members of their community, not the ulterior motives of an algorithm.

Mmm Page

πŸ™‹ Mmm Page

Dead simple, drag & drop personal websites. Websites don't have to be so cookie cutter. Make a website that feels uniquely π˜†π—Όπ˜‚ in under five minutes.


πŸ“… FreeTime

Match free time with friends and hang out in real life again. Simply add in your free time, share your link, and your friends can book hangouts without signing up or downloading anything. Even better, follow your close friends to always see when they're free.


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