New Social Networks in May 2021

Here is May's new handpicked emerging social networks.

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📣 Racket

Racket is the twitter of audio. One feed with well-produced, concise audio content. Live, but also not live. Usernames are available for pre-registration.


📈 Utradea

Utradea is a slick new investing social network. With booming interest in investing, there is no clear social network that dominates the space. Could Utradea be it? Usernames are available to register.

Pizza Parteee

🍕 Pizza Parteee

An adorably cute social network with incredible design, dedicated soley to people who love eating pizza and sharing their creations.

WeWatch📺 WeWatch

Finding something to watch on Netflix is hard, especially if you need to find something everyone agrees on. WeWatch is a hybrid app/social network that lets you 'Tinder swipe' on shows and movies to find the perfect thing to watch online with your friends.


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