New Social Networks in November 2020

Here is Novembers's hottest new emerging apps, websites & games.

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⛰️ Wandr

An immersive video platform that lets you discover top-secret, beautiful travel locations across the world. Currently home to in-the-know, veteran travel bloggers, Wandr is the perfect way to plan your post-lockdown adventure.


🍄 Hyfa

Blurring the lines between e-commerce & social media; Hyfa is set to be a strong contender in the new age of social shopping. Post pictures and get in-app currency (“Shrooms”) for every like you receive, which can be redeemed for some seriously cool products.


🌊 Flowpage

One place for all your links. Add your Flowpage to your social media bios, share it in your email signature, or even put it on the side of a blimp. With a wealth of design features, analytics and components, Flowpage is the perfect free link-organiser.


💼 Entre

Entre is a social network for entrepreneurs, and is considered to be a potential competitor to LinkedIn. A fantastic place for any self-employed or aspiring entrepreneurs to find co-founders, investors, events, jobs and ask questions.


🖼️ Savee

Pinterest but for designers. Savee is the best way for you to save and share inspiring images on the internet for your next design project.


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