New Social Networks in October 2020

Here is Octobers's hottest new emerging apps, websites & games.

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🎙️ Stereo

An audio-only social network where you can broadcast and listen into people having actual conversations. Currently popular amongst comedians, could Stereo grow to become the future of podcasting?


🐊 Trovo

Tencent declares battle with Twitch by launching their own livestreaming service. With a $30m partnership budget, and stakes in Riot Games, Epic Games & Blizzard, there is nothing stopping Trovo from exploding.


📜 Sumlist

One place for all your links. Add your Flowpage to your social media bios, share it in your email signature, or even put it on the side of a blimp. With a wealth of design features, analytics and components, Flowpage is the perfect free link-organiser.

One Item Store

💵 One Item Store

One Item Store let's you create a minimalist online store for free in minutes, and start selling your stuff. Its perfect for any hobbyist entrepreneur. Each store has a unique customisable username.


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