New Social Networks in September 2020

Here is Septembers's hottest new emerging apps, websites & games.

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Amazon New World

🗡️ Amazon New World

Amazon Game Studios' first major title "New World" is set to be the most hotly anticipated MMO since World of Warcraft. Scheduled for release in May 20201, the game has recently opened up its forums to register usernames.


💚 Snormal

A social network with a twist. Snormal encourages users to post about their normal everyday life, instead of ultra-edited highlight-reel posts like you see on Instagram. Combining elements of Twitter and Tik Tok, its a very refreshing take on social media.


🤖 Reach.at

The contact page of the future. Create your own no-code chatbot that you can use to talk with your users. A great addition to any brand or creator to stay engaged with their audience. Or, send your friends to your link if you're too busy to chat with them.


🛠️ Makerlog

Be inspired, stay accountable, get motivated and build something awesome. Makerlog is a small community of 5000 makers building together in public. Share what you're working on and earn epic streaks.


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